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Our Services:


  • Learning Disorder Assessment: Using interview and individual assessments, we specialize in uncovering learning disorders, including dyslexia, that might hinder a student's educational progress. Our approach identifies the specific challenges a student faces, guiding the development of effective strategies and interventions. We also emphasize a strengths-based approach to celebrate and harness your child's unique strengths.

  • ADHD Assessment:  We use interview, observations, and standardized assessments to diagnose attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  We can supplement diagnosis with recommendations for addressing these difficulties at school and at home, including how to support executive functioning challenges. 

  • Gifted Assessment:  We evaluate for the presence of superior cognitive abilities or specific academic abilities. We use nationally normed assessments approved by the Ohio Department of Education for gifted identification.

  • Consultation: Our involvement doesn't stop after assessment. We offer follow-up consultation meetings with families. We can also accompany you to school meetings, and offer support to you as you navigate the special education process. 

  • Document Review: We provide expert review of school documents including Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), Section 504 Plans, and Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs).  In-depth knowledge of special education law allows us to provide detailed feedback and recommendations that advocates for best practices for your child. 


Embark on a path towards unlocking your child's potential. Contact Janel to schedule a consultation or to inquire further about our services. Together, we can create a brighter, more inclusive educational experience for every child.

How it works: 

A typical evaluation includes:

  • One hour intake appointment 

  • two to three testing sessions (typically a few hours each)

  • One hour feedback session

  • Comprehensive written report including applicable diagnoses with school-based recommendations.



Assessments are customized based on the client's unique needs. You will receive a good faith estimate prior to the first testing session.  Evaluations for learning disorders or ADHD typically cost between $950-$1600. Gifted assessments typically cost between $600-$900.  Document review, consultation and school meeting attendance services are provided at $90/hr rate.

Unfortunately, most insurance providers do not include coverage for the assessment of dyslexia or other learning disorders. We do not currently accept private insurance. We can provide a superbill to submit to your insurance company, for possible partial reimbursement of services. 

Notice of Privacy Practices:


Our current HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices can be viewed here.

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